Men who will not fight for liberty can lose it.
Thomas Jefferson

If you're going to fight for liberty ,
Fight Fiercely!

Unless unsustainable government spending
is brought to an end, the America you know
will cease to exist. 

Given America's deplorable history of slavery and segregation, ever American should be
be proud that their country had the courage to elect its first black president. But when
Barack Obama vowed to "fundamentally transform" America, many who voted for him 
never thought to ask: Transform it into what? 
After George W. Bush doubled the national
debt in just eight years, Barack Obama 
promised to rein in his predecessor's reckless
spending. Instead, he embarked on a 
breathtaking spending binge of his own that has
skyrocketed the national debt to $19 trillion, a sum so large that it can never be repaid.
With another $100 trillion in unfunded liabilities, America is clearly a nation on the brink.
No country is too big to fail, not even the greatest one the world has ever known.  A
political independent, I vote mostly for Republicans because they profess to be fiscally
responsible. Sadly, that is rarely the case. Below are PDF links to political compositions
of mine that can be shared by email or social networking.
Fight Fiercely!
John Eidson

Armed citizens stop home invaders in their tracks
The grass on my side of the fence
Ku Klux Konservatives

What your doctor MUST do if you're bitten by a turkey
Crime in America's cities
A Union Soldier's Letter to His Wife
Lessons I Learned From Grief: A proposed TED Talk by John Eidson

20 Landmark Studies That Show Why We All Should Be Very Afraid of Global Warming
Lake Mead falls to lowest level ever
SCIENTIFIC FRAUD: Cooking the books on global warming measurements
CLIMATE HISTORY: An inconvenient truth that's hidden from voters
Starving polar bears
Green jobs bull
Updated NASA Data: Global Warming Not Causing Any Polar Ice Retreat
INCONVENIENT FACT: 1,000+ climate scientists strongly dispute "climate change"
Australia's green energy smackdown
Earth's foremost climate profiteer
Wide of the mark
How to spot scientific misconduct
SECRET ADMISSIONS: What climate alarmists say among themselves
Saving planet left to unwashed masses
Global Warming: Real threat, or greatest scientific hoax since Piltdown Man?
An inconvenient truth about polar bears
TRUE OR FALSE: 97% of all scientists support global warming theory
CALIFORNIA'S RECORD DROUGHT: Is climate collapse finally upon us?

UN climate chief calls for world communism
The debate over global warming: Dissent comes at a price

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Things President Trump could tweet

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April fools


Remembering Margene (same as one updated 9/2/16
Remembering Margene - updated 9/2/16 

Remembering Margene - EDITED
Through the years with Margene
Lessons I Learned Through Grief by John Eidson
Free rent flyer
Candle in the Wind 
She was the sunshine of my life

COVER: Through the Years with the Eidsons
Cover - reverse side
Do not stand at my grave and weep
Life is short
Table of contents 1
Table of contents 2
Goodbye My Love, Goodbye
Candle in the wind
She was the sunshine of my life
A kiss from Heaven
Margene's senior portrait at Texas Tech
Margene's wedding engagement portrait
Margene McCarthy
Pictures of Margene
Pictures of me
Christmas 1995
The Littlest Lady of All
The dinner jacket that didn't fit
Western Union telegram
Our trip to the top of a glacier
Red Hat Lady
Life of the Party
Justin's portrait
Jeff's portrait
Justin's & Jeff's other brother
No wonder they weren't great athletes
Justin's BMW bike racing
Jeff gets tongue from Pluto
Justin cops a feel of Minnie's breast
Jeff's years on the junior tennis circuit
A camping trip to remember
In sickness and in health
How to Father
My son! My son!
Farmer Justin's big crop
Jeff's lemonade stand
The Big Cheese
Family trip to the Southwest
Justin's trip with me to Wyoming
Margene's broken arm
Justin's & Jeff's surrogate grandmother
Jeff yields his wisdom teeth
Jeff delivers bad news to his mom & dad
Having my baby
Jeff's grand entry
Our first cruise
Justin's 18th birthday aboard SS Norway
Margene & Jeff aboard SS Norway
Is that man your husband?
War Falcon!
The Four Amigos
He's swinging, he's swinging!
Justin's prom
Justin arrested on 16th birthday
Jeff's broken arm
Jeff as toddler
Margene's wedding photo
Margene's mother's wedding photo
Granddaddy McCarthy
Dr. E. G. McCarthy, World War II
Grandpa & Granny Eidson    
My early childhood
Great times at Granny's
Christmas at Granny's, 1982
Margene on front steps
What is home without a mother?
Margene's "Buds"
Margene's favorite THE FAR SIDE cartoons
Justin & Mom
Jeff & Mom
His Mama's smile
Austin "Danger" Eidson
Justin & Greg
Hilton Head
Justin's high school graduation announcement
Greatest child motivational effort of all time
Lordy, Lordy, Margene turns 40
Margene's 50th
The Shallowford Falls Fox
Margene & me
Margene in bed
Margene's new eyes
Cricket, Glut I & Glut II
The Chloe Girl's big Thanksgiving
Justin & Bryan Carey
The Bells of Death
2773 Chimney Springs Drive
2773 CSD - living room & den
2773 CSD - kitchen
2773 CSD - master bedroom & hall bath
The most unlikely pairing in the history of holy matrimony
How Margene and I met
My maternal grandfather
My maternal grandmother
My paternal grandparents
Margene and her maternal grandmother
Margene's parents
My parents
Stigma of mental illness and suicide
Lessons taught by grief
Live a life that matters



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